It's Dog Training, Only Smarter.


Puppy Love Positive Dog Training techniques are based on current scientific research in animal behavior and learning, not decades-old training methods and misconceptions. Our programs encompass positive reinforcement, learning theory, animal cognition and psychology. 

As positive, science-based dog trainers, we find the subject of canine learning and behavior to be absolutely fascinating. It's why we do what we do. We tend to assume that others will find training dogs to be every bit as fulfilling as we do.

What some trainers seem to forget is that you already have a job, or a family, or many other obligations and really busy schedules. It's understandable that people can become frustrated and discouraged when told by a trainer what they should be doing, then left to figure out how to go about training their dogs all by themselves, until the trainer shows up the next time.

The reality is that most people have precious little time to devote to teaching their dogs how to behave. This does not make them bad dog parents, or lazy, or uncaring. We would never say that a parent who home-schools their children are better or more dedicated than those who send their kids to be taught by professional educators.

Puppy Love Day Training 

We do our job while you do yours.

After our initial consultation, we will customize a training program for your dog or puppy. Since each dog is unique, we'll determine what best motivates your particular pooch. Then I do the training for you. After your dog has successfully learned new skills and desired behaviors, then we'll show you how to maintain your dog's success in our transition session.

 What's covered in our lessons?

  • Basic Obedience: Come, Sit, Down, Stay, Off/Leave it, etc.
  • Good Household Manners: Door greetings, no jumping, etc.
  • Polite Leash Walkingalt
  • Puppy Training/Socialization
  • Housetraining
  • Anxiety/Aggression Issues
  • Problem Solving: Chewing, Excessive Barking, and much more...                                

Puppy Love training methods never involve the use of force, physical punishment, or fear.

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